ISSS recommends that you prepare answers to the follow questions and bring this piece of paper with you to the visa appointment at the US Consulate:

  1. Describe in detail your current field of research/work (use additional space if required):
  2. Describe your current position:
  3. Provide dates and reasons for any past travel to the US:
  4. Provide a detailed statement of the purpose of your visit to the US (use additional space if required):
  5. What organizations and individual facilities will you have access to in the US:
  6. Describe in detail the real and potential applications of your work or research. Assume that you are describing your work to a qualified professional in your field (use additional space if required):
  7. What work, if any, does your US sponsor do for the US Government? Is any of that work sensitive or classified? Will you be involved in the work? (use additional space if required):
  8. Describe in detail what research or work you will perform in the US and explain how your trip to the United States will benefit or change your current research or work (use additional space if required):
  9. Who is funding your trip?
  10. Provide a list of three references of people who are familiar with your work or research. Please provide their names, professional title, and contact information.
  11. Please provide your trip itinerary with contact information for where you will be staying in the US. If you are a researcher, please provide the contact information for the professors who will be overseeing your studies/research:
  12. Please list the names of all accompanying travelers, including both family members and colleagues:

More information regarding security checks is available online on the Security Clearance page.