Current students, who plan to transfer from Temple University to another university in the United States, must use the Transfer Out Request Form to notify International Student and Scholar Services (your "current school") of your intent to transfer, so ISSS can update your SEVIS record with this information.

Upon receipt of this form and a copy of your acceptance letter from your new school, ISSS will indicate in SEVIS that you are in "transfer out" status so that the university to which you are transferring (your "transfer school") will be given access to your SEVIS record.

Your transfer school will not have access to your SEVIS record until on or after the transfer date indicated in your SEVIS record and cannot generate a SEVIS Form I-20 for you until that time. Unless you specifically request otherwise, the transfer date will be the last date of the academic term during which you submit this form to ISSS.

ISSS can only update your SEVIS record to "transfer out" to one university in the United States.

Important information:

  • If you decide not to transfer to the university you indicate on the Transfer Out Request Form, you need to inform ISSS of that fact before your scheduled transfer date with which we will update your SEVIS record. Otherwise, after that date, ISSS will no longer have access to your SEVIS record.
  • If you are on OPT your employment will end when your record is released to the new school
  • If you change your plans after your SEVIS record is released, you will need to work with the new school to have your SEVIS record re-transferred.
  • If you have an on campus job, you must stop working when your SEVIS record is transferred to a new school
  • You must request the transfer out during your 60 day grace period (either within 60 days of meeting degree requirements or 60 days of completion OPT).
  • You must begin studies within five months of meeting degree requirements or within five months of the expiration date of your OPT. For example, you meet degree requirements on December 18, 20XX, therefore you need to request the transfer by February 17, 20XX and you begin studies by May 17, 20XX.