The information provided here is basic, general information about the requirements for entering the U.S. as a “nonimmigrant” and the Constitutional rights of people in the United States.

For specific information and legal advice, consult a qualified immigration attorney. The American Immigration Lawyers Association provides a lawyer referral service for people seeking counsel of an immigration lawyer:  



  • CBP “Inspection of Devices Flyer”

    This flyer may be given to those entering the U.S. whose baggage or electronic devices are searched by a CBP officer. It includes a brief description of CBP’s legal authority to conduct searches and what travelers may expect in such a search and provides contact information for those who may have questions or encounter problems.



  • ACLU “Know your Rights: Stopped by Police Immigration Agents, or FBI” flyer
    Describes the civil rights of people in the U.S. who encounter immigration enforcement officers and suggests appropriate responses: