After  your department has selected an individual for a position at Temple, you must begin their application in DestinyOne (D1), our electronic application System.

1. Add Applicant to D1
2. Begin Application
3. Send Username
4. Completing Application

1. Click on "Add Member" in Departmental Portal on the right hand side of the page

Add the applicant's information. Only complete the fields that have a red asterisk. You can list the department phone number and address instead of the applicant's number and address. Be sure to check " No, please do not contact me " under the Marketing Contact section.

If the applicant is already in D1, you will see a message as you add the person indicating there’s already a client with that that name. Department should contact Joan McGinley ( with the person's TUAccess net User Name if they have one so that Joan can update the D1 User Name with the TU Access Net User Name. Applicant will receive an email from D1 once this is accomplished. Applicant will then log in with TU Accessnet going forward.

If the Applicant is already in another department's portal, Department must contact ISSS with applicant's Student Number (example: X123456) and we will add the applicant to your Departmental Portal.

  • Click on "New Application"
  • Find the appropriate application and click "More Information"
  • Click on "Apply Now"
  • Find the name of the applicant and click "Start"
  • Complete some of the Department sections but leave a few blank so that the Applicant cannot submit the petition before you are ready to submit it

If you are working on an application and you do not finish adding all the required information on the page in order to move ahead, you must click "Save and Finish Later" at the very bottom of the page or you will lose all the information that you added to that page.

  • Tell the applicant to log into DestinyOne at and log in as a "student" with the user name created by DestinyOne (the applicant is considered a "student" in DestinyOne). Please direct the applicant to contact the department with any questions regarding their User Name.
  • Applicant logs in with DestinyOne user name & clicks on "Forgot Password" to create a password
  • Applicant logs in to
  • Applicant clicks on "My Applications" and completes all sections labeled "To Be Completed By the Applicant." Do not upload your documents to the section entitled "My Files".
  • Applicant notifies Department that s/he has completed applicant's portion
  • Department reviews information and documents submitted by applicant
  • Department completes Department Sections
  • Department submits the application

ISSS will review the application. If additional documentation is needed, ISSS will "Return" the application. Once the required information and documents are complete, ISSS will take appropriate action required.


Departmental Contact Changes to Your DestinyOne Departmental Portal:

  1. Email the approriate ISSS staff person listed below when a staff member leaves your unit so that we may revoke her/his access to your departmental portal.
  2. If you have a new staff member who needs be a Departmental Contact, s/he must submit a completed Acknowledgement of Confidential Information Policy to and


For H-1B, TN, O-1 and E-3 applicants

For J-1 Exchange visitors