Your Attorney may need 3-4 months to prepare an O-1 Petitions. O-1 Applicant should work closely with your attorney. New O-1 Petitions will likely need to be submitted with Premium Processing ($2500).


  • Begins O-1 application in Destiny One (D1). 
  • Requests necessary checks from Accounts Payable if willing to cover some/all of the O-1 costs
  • Emails copy of the Controlled Technology Form to ISSS and uploads it to O-1 Application
  • Adds required information and uploads required documents
  • Invites O-1 Applicant to complete Applicant Sections of the O-1 Application
  • Appointment/Offer Letter must be uploaded into D1 by Post Doc Office or Dept, depending upon job title
  • Submits a completed O-1 applicant's record to ISSS


  • Completes Applicant sections of the application and uploads required documents
  • Reaches out to immigration attorney to begin the O-1 Process…the law firm will ask you to complete an additional application and send them the documents that they require


  • Sends Controlled Technology Form to the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR)
  • Provides any requested documentation to the attorney
  • Mails University Checks to Attorney; Health System checks can be sent directly to the attorney
  • Signs I-129 and I-907 Forms, O-1 Support Letter, G-28 Form


  • Prepares necessary documents and submits the O-1 petition to USCIS when complete. If petition was submitted with Premium Processing, USCIS should respond within 15 days. Without Premium Processing, expect a Receipt Notice within a month and an Approval Notice in 3-6 months
  • Notifies Department, ISSS and Applicant via email when Receipt Notice and Approval Notice are received from USCIS