Role of ISSS in the Hiring Process:

Please note that ISSS does not determine job titles (paid/unpaid) or salaries. We are the final stage in facilitating the appropriate visa classification once the department has determined these factors and a prospective employee has been offered a position at Temple. Appointing a foreign national to a position at Temple University can be accomplished only if both federal regulations and the University's own policies permit it. If a foreign national is eligible to be appointed to a specific position at Temple, the University will serve as "nonimmigrant visa sponsor" and will issue forms, file petitions with the USCIS, or submit other documents and applications as appropriate to the visa type being arranged.

Once a position/title has been established, departments should contact (ISSS). 

Questions to Facilitate the Immigration Hiring Process:

  • Is Foreign National currently in the United States?
    If yes, is Foreign National already employed by Temple University?
    If so, what is the foreign national's current job title?
  • Type of position you wish to offer?
    If Faculty, is it a Tenure Track position?
  • Minimum Degree Requirement for position?
  • Minimum number of years of experience required?
  • Term of initial Temple appointment?
  • Expected starting date of appointment?
  • Foreign national's country of citizenship?
  • Has the potential employee applied for Permanent Residence (Green card)?
  • Does the foreign national plan to travel abroad at any time in the near future? (This will affect both visa timing and procedure)

Beware of the J-1 Two Year Home Residency Requirement:

Anyone who holds or has held J Exchange Visitor status (including dependents) may be subject to the Two Year Home Residency Requirement. An individual who is subject to this requirement cannot change immigration status in the U.S. and cannot apply for H or L visa stamps nor can s/he Adjust to US Legal Permanent Residence (green card).  Click here for further details.

Once an International Employee Has Been Hired:

Department Administrators must notify ISSS if there is any change in employment, including salary, revised job duties,a new position or termination. Inform ISSS and Human Resources of the change in employment. ISSS may be required to notify the appropriate U.S. government agencies of the change in employment.