ISSS is happy to help scholars bring their spouses and children to the US as J-2 Dependents. A J-2 DS-2019 must be issued in order for the J-2 to apply for a J-2 Visa in their home country. The J-2 does not need to pay the SEVIS fee again. More information on the J-2 visa can be found here.

If you would like to bring a J-2 Dependent from abroad, please send the following to Joan McGinley via to start the process:

  • Financial documentation proving that J-1 Scholar has a minimum of US$24,000 per year and extra financial documentation for dependents( $4000/year for a spouse and $2500/year per child). According to US Department of State regulations, Temple University must verify that there is sufficient funding to support the dependents. 
  • Copy of dependent passport
  • Health, evacuation and repatriation insurance for each dependent for the duration of time that the J-2 is expected to be in the US. It is the J-1 Scholar's responsibility to ensure that the J-2 has insurance coverage for the duration of their time in the US, per US Department of State regulations. 
  • Applicant's:
    • City of birth
    • Country of birth
    • Country of citizenship
    • Country of Legal Permanent Residence
    • If they are the J-1's spouse or child 

Once the dependent arrives to the US, they must send their I-94 record  to Joan McGinley via

J-2 Work Authorization