Renewing your Student Entry Visa

Please review information about how to apply for a new visa on the U.S. Department of State website.

ISSS recommends that you have with you at least the following items when you visit a U. S. Embassy or Consulate when you apply for a new visa:

  • Transcripts of your academic career (include other schools if this applies)
  • Proof that you are registered for the current semester and the next semester, if possible
  • A letter from the academic department to which you have been admitted stating that you are in good standing and that the department wishes you to return to Temple University
  • New financial documentation showing that you will have financial support once you return to the U.S. (the financial documentation should be no more than three months old)
  • Proof that you will return to your home country once you have completed your program of study (things that bind you to your home town, homeland, or current place of residence: job, family, financial prospects that you own or will inherit, investments, etc)

Be prepared to explain to the U. S. consular officer why it would be a hardship to you if you were not to receive the new visa.  These reasons might include the amount of money and time that has already gone toward your degree and greater career advancement in your home country with a U. S. degree.

If you are denied a new entry visa, you should request the consular officer to provide you with a written explanation for the denial. You can then send that explanation to ISSS by fax or email for our review.  In certain cases, this office may be able to assist you in re-applying for the visa. 
Do NOT reenter the U.S. in any other nonimmigrant status.

If you are concerned about the possibility of obtaining a new entry visa in your home country, you may want to schedule an appointment at a U.S. Embassy in Canada or Mexico. Keep in mind, a student who makes an application for a student entry visa and subsequently has that application denied will not be permitted to re-enter the U.S. in student status. A student who travels to Canada or Mexico and does not apply for a visa may still take advantage of Automatic Visa Revalidation (see below). In either case, any student who wishes to travel to and return to the U.S. from Canada or Mexico must, however, be sure that their Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 was signed within the past 12 months. 

Visitor visa exemptions to travel into Canada

Individuals who have ever been out of status in the U.S. because they overstayed their visa are NOT eligible to apply at a border post. In other words, if you have remained in the U.S. longer than the period authorized by the Immigration Officer when you entered the U.S. in any visa category, you must apply for a visa in the country of your nationality. If you are not certain about your status, please come in to our office during walk in hours to meet with an immigration advisor.

General Information Regarding United States Nonimmigrant Visas