The primary purpose of a specialty occupation letter is to determine whether a particular position qualifies as a specialty occupation for an H-1B petition. Such letters provide a detailed explanation of the educational background necessary to perform a position’s specialized duties. Experts in the field analyze the nature of the company and its industry, the position in the context of the company, and the background required for the position as determined by the industry. Taking into consideration the job duties required of the candidate, a specialty occupation letter clearly demonstrates that the proffered position is a specialty occupation requiring expertise in a particular field. Depending on the specific requirements of a case, specialty occupation letters can also be crafted to explain why a candidate’s particular background is relevant to the position at hand.

Some companies that provide Specialty Occupation Evaluations:

By including firms on this list, International Student and Scholar Services is not endorsing or otherwise recommending one firm over another. Rather, individuals are advised to engage in as much research as possible before selecting a specific firm. In addition, ISSS does not guarantee an approval of the H-1B petition, even if your Department provides a Specialty Occupation Evaluation.