Post-completion OPT occurs after an F-1 student completes their program of study. The purpose of post-completion OPT is for an F-1 student to gain practical training (as employment/internship) in their major field of study. 

A student can use up to 12 months of post-completion OPT (with the option of a 2-year extension if the student has a STEM degree) per degree level. If a student has used any of the 12 months of OPT during their program (pre-completion OPT) this will be deducted from the overall 12 months allowed for post-completion OPT.

Although post-completion OPT is always issued on a full-time basis, a student is only required to work a minimum of 20 hours per/week to maintain status while on OPT.  Students are also allowed to be unemployed for up to 90 days during the approved post-completion OPT period.

If you finish your program and depart the U.S. without applying for post completion OPT, you will lose the opportunity to do so.  When you meet degree requirements, you must apply for OPT before you travel outside the U.S.