International students are required to show tuition for 2 academic semesters +  estimated living expenses of $15,000 + $8700 in estimated fees for books,  health insurance and supplies etc. To determine your estimated fees:

  • Navigate to tuition rates / tuition calculator
  • Select "out-of-state / international" 
  • Select the appropriate level of education
  • Select the appropriate College or School
  • **Graduate students who are charged on a per credit hour basis must multiply the per credit hour rate by 18 (nine credits each Fall and Spring to be considered full-time).  If you are planning on taking more than 9 credit hours per semester, you should multiply  per credit amounts accordingly.

Use this sample to estimate your fees

Estimated Fees Per Academic Year


Per Academic Year

Full-time Tuition

Insert Tuition from "tuition calculator"

Estimated Living Expenses


University Services Fees


International Student Fee


Other expenses (Books, Health insurance, ETC


If you are bringing a dependent

$4,000 for a spouse and $2,500 per child

Total Estimated Expenses


These are minimum estimated expenses. Individual expenses may vary