In some cases it may be advisable to depart the U.S. and re-enter with a new I-20, rather than applying for reinstatement. Please read about choosing to do reinstatement versus traveling to regain status here. You must discuss your case with an ISSS adviser prior to a new I-20 being issued. Please find information on how to schedule an appointment with an ISSS adviser if you cannot come during walk-in hours here.

To travel to regain status:

  1. Start by requesting a new I-20 from ISSS
  2. Depart the U.S., and pay a new SEVIS fee,
  3. You must apply for a new F-1 visa if the F-1 visa stamp in your passport has expired, and returning to the U.S.
  4. Report your arrival to the US when you return. 

Note that students who violated status are not eligible for automatic visa revalidation. A re-entry to the U.S. after a status violation is viewed by Immigration as "initial attendance" in F-1 status. As such, you are bound by restrictions placed on new students, such as the academic year waiting period for eligibility for practical training.