H-1B or E-3 Status: Temple University is required to provide documentation showing that the applicant is fully qualified to work in the specialty occupation for which we are submitting a petition. This includes, among other materials, a formal credentials evaluation of the applicant’s foreign degrees. 

 TN Status: Degrees received by the applicant from an educational institution not located within Canada, Mexico, or the US must be accompanied by an evaluation by a credentials evaluation service. Some TN employees without a Credentials Evaluation have encountered difficulty at the US Border even when their degree is from a Mexican / Canadian institution.

Therefore, consistent with University Counsel guidance and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service regulations, an H-1B or E-3 applicant (and some TN applicants) whose highest degree is from an institution outside of the United States is required to submit an official credentials evaluation of their degree (s) from one of the accredited agencies listed below with their Petition/Application: