How to Transfer Immigration Sponsorship to Temple University

Steps for F-1 Visa Holders:

  • Obtain Admission from Temple University or the Intensive English Language Program
  • Apply for an I-20 from Temple University.
  • Contact the International Student Advisor at your current school. Ask for information on how to have your SEVIS record released to Temple University.
  • Follow any instructions you are given to request that your SEVIS record be transferred to Temple University.
    • If your school requires a "transfer recommendation form" to release your SEVIS record to Temple University. You may download it Here.
  • You and the international student advisor should decide on the release date of your SEVIS record. You should consider:
    • Whether or not you want to work on their campus during the summer
    • Whether or not you are authorized for OPT
    • Whether or not you are authorized for CPT
    • Whether or not you want to travel during the summer
  • Your I-20 will be available to you once ISSS has a complete application and the release date has passed. You wil receive an e-mail at that time. You can either pick it up in our office or we will mail it to you.