How to Transfer Immigration Sponsorship to Temple University

Steps for F-1 Visa Holders:

  1. First you must be officially admitted to Temple University or the Intensive English Language Program
  2. Apply for an I-20 from Temple University.
  3. Contact the International Student Advisor at your current school. Ask to have your SEVIS record released to Temple University.
    • Temple's SEVIS School Code is PHI214F00504000
    • For the Dental, Pharmacy or Medical School, use code PHI214F00504002
    • For the Podiatry School, use code PHI214F00504003  
  4. Follow any instructions you are given to request that your SEVIS record be transferred to Temple University.
    • If your school requires a "transfer recommendation form" to release your SEVIS record to Temple University. You may download it Here.
  5. You and the international student advisor should decide on the release date of your SEVIS record. You should consider:
    • Whether or not you want to work on their campus during the summer
    • Whether or not you are authorized for OPT
    • Whether or not you are authorized for CPT
    • Whether or not you want to travel during the summer
  6. Your I-20 will be emailed to you once ISSS has a complete application and the SEVIS release date has passed.

Steps for Individuals in J-1 status

  1. If you currently hold J-1 Exchange visitor status, you must request that your SEVIS record be transferred before the expiration date of your current form DS-2019. the SEVIS record will turn to an "inactive" status the day after your current form DS-2019 expires.
    • Contact your current school to see what steps you must take on their end to have your SEVIS record transferred to Temple University. Temple University's program number is P-1-02592

    If you travel, you will have to obtain a new entry visa. Note that under Department of State policy, an exchange visitor who travels after transferring J programs needs a new J visa before returning to the United States under the sponsorship of the new program.

  2. You must qualify for a form DS-2019 from Temple University within 30 days of the SEVIS Effective Date of Transfer set by your previous school.