Temple University's Center for American Language and Culture (TCALC) brings students from all over the world to the historic city of Philadelphia. Students enjoy Philadelphia's cultural, artistic, and culinary experiences while taking classes on Temple University's main campus. TCALC's classes are small, and the caring and experienced teachers help students of all English levels reach their goals.

Once you enter the U.S. and begin your program, you will be expected  to keep your status legal.  To keep your status legal you must:

  • Complete four IELP sessions before being eligible for a "legal break"

  • You must meet program attendance minimums every session

  • You must have a local, current address on file in the DestinyOne system​

  • Update your address within 10 days of moving

  • Not engage in any off campus employment

  • Only engage in on-campus employment that does not interfere with your classes