SEVIS has an Out of Country functionality that allows ISSS to notify the Department of Homeland Security / US Department of State that a J-1 Professor or Research Scholar is participating in his or her exchange program for a one-time only period of six or fewer months during her/his program outside the US. The record remains in Active SEVIS status during that period.

Please note that if the J-1 Exchange Visitor will depart the US again for 31 days or more after this one-time only period, it is inappropriate for our office to keep the SEVIS record open.  In this case, ISSS will complete the current J program, and the individual can return later in either J-1/ Short-Term Scholar status (which requires payment of a new SEVIS fee) or possibly another appropriate status.  Failure to maintain status will cause the SEVIS record and DS-2019 to be inactivated, compromising eligibility to participate in the Exchange Visitor program and return to the U.S.


Out Of Country Authorization