Transferring TO Temple
Transferring FROM Temple to a New School

If the RO/ARO at EV's old school requires Temple to complete a transfer form, please email the form to and

  • If the RO/ARO at EV's new school requires Temple to complete a transfer form, please email the form to and
  • ISSS must receive a completed and signed J-1 Transfer Out Form before your SEVIS record may be transferred to another J Program Sponsor. 


  • An EV cannot transfer their SEVIS record if they have received a favorable waiver recommendation from the US Department of State. 
  • EV should not terminate research/teaching activities at curent school until the SEVIS record has been released to the new school.

An exchange visitor may transfer between programs as long as:

  • The Exchange Visitor (EV) is maintaining J1 status with current program sponsor;
  • The purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective, and is consistent with, the goals for which the EV was admitted to exchange visitor status;
  • The EV remains within the same participant program category;
  • There can be no gap between the transfer effective date set by the transfer-out program and the new program begin date;
  • The transfer will not extend the exchange visitor's stay beyond the permissible time for EV's J-1 category.


EV should contact the Responsible (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) at the new school's International Office for a description of planned activities to show the A/RO at Temple so that they can determine that it is consistent with original EV goals. Before beginning the transfer process, the EV should discuss their plans with the Responsible Officer (RO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO) in both Temple University's ISSS and the new institution's International Office. All the parties involved must agreed on the date of transfer.