The information on this page was compiled for J-1 Research Scholars, J-1 Professors and J-1 Student interns as well as Nonimmigrant Employees (H-1B, O-1, TN and E-3) who are sponsored by Temple University.  Additional  information for F-1 and J-1 students is available here.

If you travel outside the US, carry the following items with you when applying for a US vsia stamp and when reentering the US:

  • Original Approval Notice (H-1B, O-1, in some cases TN and E-3) or DS-2019 Form (J-1 Exchange Visitor)
  • Copy of Temple’s petition that was approved by USCIS (H-1B, O-1, maybe TN and E-3)
  • Copies of your three most recent paystubs
  • Travel letter from your department (see below)

If you need to apply for a US visa stamp while outside the US, visit the website of the US Consulate where you will apply for the visa to learn what items they particularly want to see [] Consider making plans with your department for your employment in the event that you undergo Administrative Processing (a Security Check) and your reentry to the US is delayed.

Your department can find a sample travel letter at

Applicants performing any academic research in the U.S. must also provide a letter from their academic institution answering the following questions. The letter may be signed by the Faculty Mentor/Primary Investigator/Supervisor. All four questions MUST be answered briefly. If the question does not apply to the applicant, please explain why it is not applicable.

  • What are the goals and practical applications of the applicant's research?
  • What are the source(s) of funding for the applicant's research?
  • What export-controlled technologies and/or information will the applicant have access to during his/her research?
  • What U.S. government projects will the applicant participate in or will have access to during his/her research? Please state whether non-U.S. citizens have access to the project.

Upon reentry into the US, you will need to print your new I-94 from

Please be sure to email me a copy of the new I-94 plus a copy of your new visa stamp as well as a copy of the entry stamp USCBP puts in your passport through TUSafesend

If you have a green card application pending, please contact your attorney to let her/him know that you are traveling and if you are eligible for Advanced Parole.