To determine your tuition and fees

  • Navigate to tuition rates / tuition calculator
  • Select the appropriate level of education
  • Select the appropriate College or School
  • Select "out-of-state / international" 

**Graduate students who are charged on a per credit hour basis must multiply the per credit hour rate by 18 (nine credits each Fall and Spring to be considered full-time).

In the sample below, a tuition of an undergraduate in the Fox School of Business would be a total of $38,498 from the tuition calculator. The student will need to take that amount and add it to the estimated fees of $20,825.00 in the table below for a total of $57,870.

The financial documentation must demonstrate that the calculated amount would be available to you your first academic year.

Sample Tuition Calculation Fox School of Business
Sample Calculation
Estimated Fees Per Academic Year


Per Academic Year

Estimated Living Expenses


University Services Fees


International Student Fee


Health Insurance


Books and Supplies




These are minimum estimated expenses. Individual expenses may vary