Temple University offers several scholarships. Remember that you may not work off-campus unless you first receive written authorization

You can find information about scholarships through the Office of Student Financial Services.  Several of the scholarships, including the Broad Street Finish Line are open to international students. There is also a list of scholarship available for just undergraduate students.

Any questions regarding the need for Temple University assistantships should be addressed to the academic department. There are no loans available directly from Temple University.

As an international student on a non-immigrant visa, you are not eligible for U.S. government-funded financial aid such as PELL grants, PHEAA loans, or work study employment: US Department of Education. The Organization of American States has a loan program for students from member countries

The following resources are available to current students:

  1. Apply for a fellowship: http://www.temple.edu/vpus/fellowships/

  2. Apply for an external scholarship: Scholarships for International Students

Additional Information on financial aid is available at:

All of the information our office has on the source of financial aid is posted below:

International Student and Scholar Services has compiled the following information in order to assist you in your search for financial aid. We have provided you with a list of organizations that provide financial aid and the respective field of study for which the aid is provided. If you need more information about the financial aid (application deadlines, etc.) and there is not a web site or e-mail address listed, please write to them or call them.

If you have been in the United States in valid non-immigrant status for nine months or more, you may be eligible for work off campus. Please read the information about Employment Based on Economic Necessity.