Please review Estimated Processing Times when choosing a Requested Start Date and End of Employment Issues when choosing a Requested End Date. ISSS can request up to 3 years on each H-1B petition. The End Date for Faculty and Post Doctoral Fellows must match the appointment/contract letter.

ISSS may take up to 45 days to complete the processing of the materials for this petition so the department should submit a complete application to ISSS no later than two months prior to the requested H-1B start date. Departments can submit a completed H-1B application up to six months prior to the H-1B start date.

  1. Department begins H-1B application in Destiny One (D1)
  2. H-1B applicant completes Applicant sections of the application and uploads required documents
  3. Department adds required information and uploads required documents
  4. If the H-1B will be hired through Human Resources (Associate Scientist, for example) then HR Generalist will send required documents to ISSS through TUSafesend. The Graduate School will upload approved Postdoctoral Fellow Research Associate letters to Destiny One.
  5. Department submits a completed H-1B applicant's record to ISSS
  6. Department mails or drops off necessary checks to ISSS
  7. ISSS sends Deemed Export Attestation Form to University Counsel. This form is required for every H application that is submitted, regardless of whether research is involved. This process is dependent upon the nature of the position and the research technologies involved and therefore unpredictable.
  8. Upon determination that the higher of either the prevailing or actual wage is being paid to the employee, ISSS begins LCA process and begins the posting notice process (this is not a posting for recruitment purposes). Please note that certification of an LCA takes a minimum of seven days.
  9. Once University Counsel notifies ISSS that no Deemed Export License is required, the LCA has been certified by DOL, and ISSS has a complete application, ISSS begins processing the Form I-129 and supporting letter for the H-1B petition. This step of the process may take several business days.
  10. When the application process is complete, the H-1B petition is compiled, checks are attached and the petition is submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) via UPS. If petition is being premium processed, we expect a response from the USCIS within 15 days of USCIS’ receipt of petition. The response can be an approval notice, a request for further evidence, or an intent to deny the petition. If the petition is submitted without PP, we should receive a Receipt Notice from USCIS within one month and hopefully an Approval Notice within 3-6 months.
  11. The hiring department, Human Resources and the H-1B applicant will be notified via email when ISSS receives the Receipt Notice and Approval Notice from USCIS.