As of 2/10/2021:

The I-129 Application Fee (H-1Bs, O-1s, E-3s, TNs) is $460

The H-1B Anti-Fraud Fee is $500 (Initial and Transfer H-1B Petitions Only)

Checks may not be written by the Applicant and at no point can your department ask the applicant to reimburse the applicant.

The Premium Processing Fee is $2500. Department must cover this expense if there is a business need for fast processing. If Applicant needs to PP for a personal reason, like traveling home for a family event, Applicant may cover the PP fee.

Dependents: Either Applicant or Department Can Pay $370 Application Fee and $85 Biometrics fee

Order checks through TU Marketplace. Choose #5 (H1 B Visa Special Handling code).  Leave the description field blank. Include a screenshot of both this webpage and the front page of the DestinyOne H-1B application with your check request. (The name of the H-1B Applicant must be visible).

Once processed, all H1-B checks will be mailed to Sharon Loughran’s home address.

All checks should be made payable to the "US Department of Homeland Security.”