Before you leave Temple University, be sure to inform your Department Administrator. S/he should notify Human Resources and the Office of International Student and Scholar Services of the end date of your Temple University appointment. Depending on your visa status, ISSS may be required to notify the appropriate U.S. government agencies that you have left Temple.

Keep ALL visa documents (e.g. Forms DS-2019 / I-797 / I-20 / I-94) in a safe place. You may be asked to provide copies of these documents in the future if you apply for a new benefit with USCIS, if you apply for US Legal Permanent Residence (green card) or if you depart and then return to the United States.

Human Resources provides general information for nonresident alien students, faculty and staff at the Temple University. The information should not be considered tax advice and individual circumstances may not be covered by this information. Temple University does not provide individual tax consultation.

Review the tax information on Human Resources' website

Before leaving the US, all aliens except those specifically exempted must obtain an IRS certificate of compliance, popularly known as a "sailing permit." If you establish to the satisfaction of IRS that you intend to return to the US and that your departure does not jeopardize the collection of income tax, you can get a sailing or departure permit by filing Form 1040-C or Form 2063 without having to pay the tax shown on it. The sailing or departure permit issued by the IRS can be used for all departures during the current year. The Form 2063 is preferred over the 1040-C, because the 2063 form is much simpler to prepare. Taxpayers can qualify to file Form 2063 in lieu of Form 1040-C if you have filed all U.S. income tax returns you were required to file, you paid any tax due, and you have no taxable income for the year of departure and for the preceding year. Please reach out to the IRS with any questions as our office is not authorized to discuss sailing permits.

IRS Sailing Permit